Asheville Pizza & Brewing’s indoor plumbing spectacular is an over-the-top display of pop culture meets kitsch. And we love it. This trip to the bathroom starts with fun house mirrors and ends with an eye-popping decor behind the Raising Arizona-inspired lavatory doors. There’s a lot to feast the eyes on. It can be a little disorienting to be honest. There are oodles of pop culture images from wall-to-stall, some added by patrons, including a smiley face emergency light switch which caught our fancy. We also love the eclectic and frankly sometimes bizarre tiles lining the walls in the women’s room. We suspect they might need a post all of their own.  Decor = 9

With wave after wave of customers eating pizza and watching movies and drinking copious amounts of beer, things can get dicey in the john, but, on our recent visit to Asheville Pizza, they had things well under control in the lavatories. There’s a lot of moving parts inside these bathrooms so keeping them tidy is a Herculean effort. We tip our hat to the crew at the Pizzeria for doing a fine job on the day we happened in for a Moon Pie and a pint.  Cleanliness = 6

Our favorite item inside the men’s bathroom is the old-fashioned urinal bulletin board with today’s paper pinned inside. That’s something we recall fondly from a bygone era in America. We’re glad to see Asheville Pizza keeping keeping an old tradition alive. Thoughtfully, the joint also provides a baby-changing station in the men’s room. With all of the bells and whistles in these crappers, it’s nice to know that the management of Asheville Pizza took a moment to provide dad’s with an essential feature. The women’s restroom also has a changing station. Additionally, there’s a shelving unit with sundry items such as flowers and Febreze. Warning: although the indoor plumbing is easy enough to find, be sure to read the signs next to the doors; we’re sure you wouldn’t be the first beer-logged man to spot Nicolas Cage and go stumbling into the women’s room.  Amenities = 8

TOTAL = 23

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