Graffiti in City Bakery's Asheville Location men's restroom.

Graffiti in City Bakery‘s Asheville Location men’s restroom.

Whoever wrote “Perfection doesn’t exist” on the men’s room stall wall at City Bakery makes a prescient point about the state we found the eatery’s public restrooms when we visited. While not perfect, they certainly were acceptable. We found the graffiti to be of the highest order. (And we’ve shared another excellent example in the thumbnails below.) Beyond graffiti, there wasn’t much else in the way of decor.  Meanwhile, in the women’s room, a seemingly random dresser, topped with a flower arrangement, made do for decoration. Well, that and a Rothkoesque patch of white on the wall. Oh, and a hole in the ceiling.  Decor = 5

Oddly, there was a copious amount of leaves and other outdoor debris in the men’s washroom, which we found puzzling. It certainly lent an outdoorsy air to the stall, but we’re pretty sure it wasn’t done on purpose. Otherwise, the room was sufficiently clean for us to use it without bringing back up our caprese sandwich. And thank you City Bakery sandwich maker for correcting our pronunciation of caprese [kuhprey-zey] Cleanliness = 5

City Baker provides parents with changing stations in both bathrooms, but little else in the way of extras. All in all, this was a pretty standard [stan-derd] public restroom facility.  Amenities = 5

TOTAL = 15

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