The restrooms at Crêperie Bouchon.

The restrooms at Crêperie Bouchon.

From the outside vestibule, you wouldn’t expect much of interest inside the men’s stall at Crêperie Bouchon; however, upon entry, you are struck by a full-length wall mural. The mural depicts a Formula One race car decorated with adverts from Crêperie Bouchon and its sister restaurant Bouchon. The decor crashes into the first turn immediately after viewing the mural. There is nothing else in the room to recommend it as a must-see stop on your cousin’s next visit to Asheville. Decor = 5

While the room seems a bit tired and bland other than the aforementioned mural, it’s not dirty. So, if you need to crap during your crepe, you’ll find this a suitable place to free the turtles. Cleanliness = 5

This bare-bones water closet comes with little in the way of special features. It is devoid of anything beyond the bare necessities, which is sometimes enough when you have such a boss mural screaming across one wall. Be forewarned, this washroom is a trick to find. You have to walk through the restaurant, out the door, following several signs, and make some formula-one type corner turns to get there. Our advice is not to hold it until the last second. Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 14

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