HomeGrown Ashevile Public Toilet Decor

The unisex bathroom at HomeGrown.

First the good news: There are some nice touches inside the unisex johns at HomeGrown. For instance, the walls in one feature a series of food-related prints that do a nice job of adding some life to the dull, gray bead-board. Sadly, however, the room has taken a beating over the years and is in need of repair. The hollow-core door itself is badly damaged, and the door’s hinge has become dislodged. Perhaps an unhappy patron took a meat-hook to the door? Or is this the work of Sasquatch? We also couldn’t help but notice that the toilet handle is broken. Instead of providing helpful instructions on how to work around the problem, we suggest HomeGrown simply fix the broken part. Decor = 5

Damage doesn’t count as dirt. Still, you don’t feel as though you are in the cleanest environment when elements of the room, including the chair you are sitting on is in disrepair. Considering the dilapidated state of the room, it is relatively clean. Cleanliness = 5

There isn’t anything amenities-wise worth noting, unless you call a can of odor-killer perched above the crapper an amenity. Amenities = 3

We love you HomeGrown; it’s your washrooms we have mixed emotions about.

TOTAL = 13

damaged bathroom door HomeGrown Asheville Public Toilet

Bathroom door at HomeGrown shows signs of abuse.

Broken door hinge Asheville Public Toilet

Broken door hinge at HomeGrown.

Toilet Sign HomeGrown Asheville

“Hold 5 Seconds and Wait” sign inside HomeGrown’s Bathroom.


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