The restrooms at King Daddies

The unisex restrooms at King Daddy’s

King Daddy’s washrooms are the mac daddies of chicken and waffle house throne rooms. These tastefully decorated and well-appointed rooms are delightful. We especially like the Chicken-centric artwork, which transforms the meager chicken into a majestic creature. Kudos to the artist. Decor = 8

During a busy dinner service, restroom cleanliness is often an afterthought, but that doesn’t appear to be the case at King Daddy’s. The restrooms were neat as a pin and clean when we visited them. Cleanliness = 8

King Daddy’s restrooms are royally appointed with designer waste baskets and towel dispensers from Cintas. If you are running toward these washrooms with a soiled baby in your arms, choose the door on the left. You’ll find a baby changing washroom behind that door (but, oddly, not behind the unisex door on the right). The bathrooms are located away from diners down a short hall, which keeps them close for convenience sake, but not too close. Amenities = 7

TOTAL = 23

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