"Everybody say Love!" scrawled on the stall door of O.Henry's unisex restroom.

“Everybody say Love!” scrawled on the stall door of O. Henry’s unisex restroom.

We thought we’d start out by saying how delighted we were by one item of graffiti in the restroom that kindly expressed, “Everybody say Love.” There’s also a nicely framed chalkboard above the urinals. Sadly, we can’t be as positive about the rest of this review because, ironically, the john at O. Henry’s is a short story with a twisted ending.  Decor = 4

O. Henry, the legendary writer buried at Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, was a heavy drinker who died of cirrhosis of the liver. We suspect he would have found the restroom at the bar named for him relatively clean. If it’s good enough for O. Henry, it is good enough for us. But that’s not the end of the story…  Cleanliness = 6

It is curious to us that O. Henry’s unisex washroom 1) doesn’t have a locking mechanism on the door, and 2) features two urinals and a stall. Our understanding of unisex washrooms is that they are single stall, single-occupancy affairs with a lock on the door to keep members of the opposite sex from entering during use. Are we wrong about this notion? When it comes to amenities in a unisex washroom, we would appreciate a door that locks, and we know other patrons would agree. During our visit to the bar, we witnessed a woman attempt to enter the unisex washroom only to quickly spot a man using a urinal. She was visibly upset about the situation, hastily pulling the door closed and giving it a kick for good measure.  Amenities = 1

TOTAL = 11

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