The Wild and Wonderful Restroom at Mr. K’s Used Books, Movies, and More in Asheville

If you woke up bleeding from the head in this crapper, no one would blame you for thinking that you had been knocked out, kidnapped, and transported to an undisclosed location for interrogation. The scene is complete with bare bulb overhead (shown below) and stomach-flipping lime green paint on the walls. Stumbling around, however, you’d […]

See 20 Year-Old Grout Graffiti in Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria’s Asheville Restroom

The grout thing about Barley’s (Asheville location) men’s restroom is the homage to grout scrawled on the tile walls. We appreciate when patrons of an establishment add their own embellishments to the decor. Such touches make our lives more interesting. In this hurl-burly world, it’s nice to take a restful pause and enjoy tasteful expressions […]