The men's room stall at The Universal Joint.

The men’s room stall at The Universal Joint.

The Universal Joint has some of the coolest crappers in West Asheville. The men’s room at the U-Joint has a very distinct sense of style. It has a viewpoint. And we like it. It is a very manly space. There’s plenty of reading material on the walls. There’s a dose of testosterone fueled graffiti on the toilet paper dispenser, for instance, which serves to liven up the space. Frankly, we’ll never know how someone screwed up the courage to secure a sticker to the inside wall of the commode, but kudos and a tip of the hat to whoever did. The sticker provides a man with place to aim. Decor = 8

Busy pubs often have less than sterile restrooms and the U-Joint’s is no exception. However, it is clean to the degree a joint’s restroom needs to be in order for someone to feel comfortable. There weren’t any unpleasant odors or disastrous spills that have befouled many a bar owner’s restrooms.  Cleanliness = 5

While the toilet roll dispenser is highly decorated, it would behoove the management to insert some paper inside of it, as opposed to just laying a short roll on top. Lack of toilet paper aside, this room has all sorts of goodies, including a bulletin board with lots of interesting stickers and flyers.  Amenities = 6

TOTAL = 19

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