The unisex washroom at Wicke and Greene Jewelers.

The unisex washroom at Wicke and Greene Jewelers.

When a friend purchased a diamond engagement ring at Wicke and Greene Jewelers, we had a chance to use the swanky bathroom in the back of the store. This is a delightful lavatory, people. The powder room doesn’t feature much in the way of decor, other than a set of high-end sconces, but those sconces pack a wallop and provide a strong focal point for the room.  Decor = 6

If you’re buying diamonds, you don’t want to trek someone’s pee-pee back to the showroom, and, considering how spotless their restroom was on our visit, the good people at Wicke and Greene make sure that’s unlikely to happen. Cleanliness = 9

When it comes to amenities, this is where Wicke and Green’s crapper really shines. For starters, the room had a mild air freshener that gave the room a nice smell without being cloying. Further, they have the nicest hand dryer we’ve ever seen in or out of a public restroom. It’s a Dyson Airblade. According to Wikipedia, the Airblade was first introduced in the UK in 2006 and in the United States in latter part of 2007. Instead of using a wide jet of heated air, it uses a layer of unheated air traveling at around 400 miles per hour. The Dyson Airblade is reported by its manufacturer to dry hands in 10 seconds and use less electricity than conventional hand dryers. Who knew Dyson even made hand dryers? We were too intimidated to stick our wet mitts into this elegant piece of hardware; it was too fancy to muss up. Instead, we availed ourselves to the folded hand towels neatly placed in a basket on an end table. Based on how many soiled towels were left under the sink (in another nice basket), it appears others in the same predicament also chose the old-fashioned, time-tested drying method over the futuristic Airblade. Sadly, the jeweler loses a point for the location of this bathroom, which is in the far reaches of the store and not a place you’re liable to get anywhere near unless someone you know is shelling out big dough on bling. Amenities = 9

TOTAL = 25

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