The decor at Zen Sushi.

Messages from Management in restroom at Zen Sushi.

We were amused by Management’s signs on the wall of the women’s room at Zen Sushi. It seems issues of feminine hygiene issues take precedence, quite literally, over cleanliness issues in Zen’s john. We also found the ad hoc editing job highly entertaining. Someone, a disgruntled patron perhaps, tore the word “hygiene” out of Zen Sushi Management’s original note.  Decor = 3

Even if it is partially covered by the feminine products notice, we appreciate Zen’s commitment to cleanliness. The public notices certainly let customers know right where Zen stands on these matters. If only our government were as transparent on pressing issues like these.  Cleanliness = 5

Zen Sushi’s women’s room features a baby changing table. Although you’ll have to move the paper towels from the top to be able to use it, the table is very well stocked with cleaning supplies. So much so,  if you’d prefer not to alert management, you’ll be well prepared to tackle some toilet cleaning yourself.  Amenities = 5

Total = 13

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