A unisex WC at Edna's.

The unisex WC at Edna’s of Asheville.

If you’ve been to Edna’s of Asheville, you know that they’ve sort of got a thing for Pugs. So, it’s no surprise that the pug decor continues in the restrooms. The unisex restroom on the left is decorated with two cartoonish pug portraits. Aside from the pugs, the room contains a funky red lamp, some corrugated metal siding, and a scratched up mirror like so many we’ve reported on in previous posts. (Who is doing this to public restroom mirrors?!?) If you find yourself bound up on the loo, Edna’s has helpfully provided something for you to read in the form of a chalk advertisement for their gift cards.  Decor = 6

We found the restroom to be cleaner than we had remembered it on our last visit. Bravo, Edna’s. That said, there was dust accumulating in the corners which are like a Pug’s cute little fold-over ears–they make a great hiding place for dirt, grime, and who knows what else. Pugs, by the way, are known as the “Little Clowns of the Dog World.” They rate 5th amongst the popular toy breeds.  Cleanliness = 5

Are advertisements and funky lamps amenities? It’s a toilet. The door locks. And the potty isn’t hard to find. That will do pug. That will do.  Amenities = 5

Total = 16

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