The restrooms at Ingles (North Asheville)

The restrooms at Ingles (North Asheville)

Loyal Stallman readers will recall that our review of the Ingle’s in West Asheville restrooms was less than enthusiastic. In today’s review of the water closet at Ingle’s North Asheville store, we take a 180 degree turn. The decor in North Asheville is decidedly fresh and crisp. The tile work, for instance, is pleasing to the eye and tasteful.  Decor = 6

Ingle’s management should be proud of their cleaning staff in North Asheville. The restroom was sparkling when we visited.  Cleanliness = 8

Unlike the West Asheville location, for the Dad on the go, the North Asheville Ingle’s has a Sturdy Station 2 in the men’s room. The paper towel and soap dispensers are modern and well supplied. The slippery floor sign was even tucked neatly behind the ample trash receptacle.  Amenities = 7

TOTAL = 21

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