The women's room at Mamacita's.

The women’s room at Mamacita’s.

If you’ve dined at Mamacita’s before, you might be surprised by how subdued the restrooms seem in comparison to the murals and sacred heart iconography adorning the taqueria’s walls. There are a few tasteful pieces of artwork in the room, but as usual, we were most appreciative of the decorative flourishes added by, we presume, patrons. In the women’s room, we especially appreciated a mermaid and her doctor. We also found some advice written around the room’s mirror: “Trust no trust found.” Seems sound enough. Tourists be warned, however. Apparently, you are not welcome: Inscribed above the mirror are the words, “Tourists go home.”  Decor = 7

In a recent NY Times article, researchers report that public restrooms aren’t any dirtier than the rest of our environment. Hmm? I’m pretty sure that the crappers at Mamacita’s are a tad dirtier than the tender, pristine moss beds in the center of Pisgah National Forest. Still, to quote the research from the Times’ article, “Most of the things on us and in us are not only benign, but necessary for our health. So these [public restroom] surfaces are occupied predominantly by our friends.” The surfaces of the men’s room at Mamacita’s are very friendly, indeed. Cleanliness = 5

Uh, the doors lock. Amenities = 2

TOTAL = 14

Moss bed in Pisgah Forest.

Moss bed in the Pisgah National Forest.

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