The men's washroom at Marco's Pizzeria (North Asheville).

The men’s washroom at Marco’s Pizzeria in North Asheville.

Marco’s men’s restroom in North Asheville features a NYC-themed bathroom. We get that you trade in NY-style pizza, but pictures of NY Yankee players and Frank Sinatra (He’s from New Jersey, not New York) gives us the creeps, especially when we’re trying to park a custard. Besides, the theme is a little on the nose. That said, we imagine ex-New Yorkers would love these bathrooms, so we’re not going to let our prejudices cloud our scoring. If we did, in the words of Walter Sobchak, we’d have to “mark it zero, Donny.”  Decor = 5

As much as we hate the NYC-themed bathroom, we have to admit it was relatively clean. The open trash can stuffed with used paper towels so close to the toilet made us a little queasy, but we were already nauseous from the decor.  Cleanliness = 5

There’s a baby changing station in the men’s toilet as well as in the women’s, which is a nice plus. Added bonus: the changing station claims to be fungal and bacterial resistant. We also like the ample mirror and quality fixtures in this nicely appointed public bathroom. The only oddity was the toilet paper holder, which we found rather tawdry. Our advice is order the Stromboli to go and go at home. Amenities = 6

TOTAL = 16

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