The restrooms at The Renaissance Hotel (Asheville).

The restrooms at the Renaissance Hotel (Asheville).

We overheard several people asking about the location of the lobby restrooms at the Renaissance Hotel (RH). That’s because, while located just across from the lobby bar, you’ve got to walk down a long hallway to reach them (past the ATMs and then around the corner). Don’t get discouraged by all the nearly identical bland doors, most likely you’ll guess correctly. Once you arrive, you’ll find that the public restrooms at the RH are understated yet elegant. The tile finishing, track lighting, wall covering, and marble vanity top give the rooms a demure sense of style.  Decor = 7

Located off the lobby, these restrooms probably see more traffic than any other bathrooms in the hotel. They were clean when we visited the hotel to view the traveling AIDS memorial quilt during its stop in Asheville.  Cleanliness = 6

We liked that the accessible stall in the women’s room is an en-suite: toilet and sink in one roomy stall. While high-end soap dispensers and fine quality plumbing fixtures are more than enough to satisfy us when making a quick stop in the lavatory, the RH is short on guest extras. A hotel of their rank might want to make a stronger effort in providing amenities, especially since they are about to compete with the slew of new luxury hotels rising in downtown Asheville. To their credit, they do provide a box of Kleenex tissue, which at least one loyal Stallman’s reader has told us is a “must have” to make them happy.  Amenities = 5

TOTAL = 18


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