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The women’s room at Rite-Aid.

Boasting what may be the only sandwich counter in a Rite-Aid in the entire country, the Rite-Aid Sandwich Counter in North Asheville is certainly a place worth checking out. If you happen to find the cherry-cola sitting a little heavy on the bladder, we can assure you that the restrooms are adequately equipped to accommodate you. But in terms of decor, the women’s restroom has all the charm of a box of Bayer aspirin. However, we did find the green tiles as minty and refreshing as Crest Mint Chocolate Trek toothpaste.  Decor = 3

Well, you wouldn’t want to perform surgery in there, but you’ll be okay evacuating that cherry-cola from your system. Just remember to flush after yourself, unlike the patron just before us who left a tinge of yellow in the bowl. In a home setting, letting yellow mellow is fine, but we suggest flushing it down in public.  Cleanliness = 5

There’s not much in the way of amenities here, but, much like the prescriptions they fill, the Rite-Aid woman’s restroom does come with a warning on the trash can. We appreciate that Rite-Aid is looking out for us. Amenities = 4

Total = 12

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