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The women’s room at TCBY (South Asheville).

The basic single-stall restrooms at TCBY in South Asheville are fairly pedestrian, but they do feature a single hand-painted canvas (pink in the little girls’ room, as shown above, and blue in the little boys’ room). We felt the painting had the look of a BYOB painting night. Still, the artwork was a nice touch in otherwise bland rooms. Plus, we thought the doors were painted a fun color.  Decor = 5

On the evening of our visit, we found the women’s room to be particularly odoriferous. In fact, although the room seemed clean enough, the smell deterred us from using the lavatory. Fun fact: An estimated 44 million Americans suffer from lactose intolerance, 68 percent of whom are women. The men’s room had no such odor.  Cleanliness = 4

Soap, towels, and a mirror were all present in the washrooms at TCBY. However, in the women’s room, the toilet tissue holder had been broken–perhaps a customer drunk on too much cookie dough or disoriented by the overpowering smell? There was toilet paper located on the back of the toilet, so no worries about being stranded without a square, but we did find it a bit discomfiting to see the broken pieces of the holder lying about.  Amenities = 3

Total = 12

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