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Decorative sconce in women’s bathroom at Desoto Lounge.

Desoto is one of our favorite neighborhood watering holes in Asheville, so it is somewhat hard to be objective about their potties. But our affinity for the bar isn’t going to stop us from being frank with the loyal readers of Stallman’s. Let’s say it’s good that Desoto’s crappers are rather dimly lit. There’s not that much to look at whilst easing nature in the men’s bathroom. The hand-worn locking mechanism does catch the eye, however, and serves as a focal point. We were also disappointed to find no informative flyers decorating the restroom walls, which we’ve seen at Desoto on past visits to the WC. Perhaps the management felt the bare gray walls would be soothing for patrons who’ve enjoyed one too many of their generous pours. The women’s room is brightened, however, by a surprisingly nice sconce above the scratched-up mirror. And the words “Want Spock” were found scribbled along the baseboard.  Decor = 4

For a local dive bar on a Friday night, the washrooms were acceptably clean. Admittedly, it is pretty dim inside the water closet, but a quick visual inspection showed no obvious signs of filth.  Cleanliness = 5

There’s not much in the way of amenities in these restrooms, although we always enjoy the ping-pong, Pac-Man, and pinball found in the rest of the bar. Hey, it is a neighborhood dive bar for Christ’s sake. Just be thankful you aren’t forced to pee in the alley behind a dumpster.  Amenities = 2

Total = 11

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The lock on the men's room door at Desotos.