Public Toilet Okie Dokies Smokehouse Swannanoa NC

It’s all good in the restrooms at Okie Dokies Smokehouse in Swannanoa.

The decor inside the men’s restroom at Okie Dokies is as black as a burnt pork shoulder. But it works. It’s a stylish water closet with interesting lighting fixtures and corrugated-steel wainscoting.  Decor = 5

Two things to know about sweet BBQ sauce: 1) it is sticky, and 2) it gets on everything within a 100-yard radius. And, trust us, there was a lot of sauce being slathered the night we visited. Yet, miraculously, there’s no sticky residue in the bathrooms at Okie Dokies. They are a-okay dokie.  Cleanliness = 5

We like the steel washtub in use as a paper towel receptacle. We haven’t seen a trash can like it anywhere else in town. That said, we don’t get too excited about trash receptacles–it’s sort of a must have in any public facility. Sadly, there wasn’t anything else of interest in terms of extras in these utilitarian johns. Still, it’s all good!  Amenities = 3

TOTAL = 13

Public Toilet Okie Dokies Smokehouse Swannanoa NC

Interior of men’s room at Okie Dokies Smokehouse.