Public Toilet The Local Joint Asheville Sinks

The women’s restroom at The Local Joint.

The Local Joint is exactly as its name implies. A joint located in Fairview. The restaurant shares a building with a gas station/convenience store; it also shares its restrooms. Said restrooms can best be described as not too shabby for a gas station, a little dingy for a restaurant, but just right for a local joint. Although serviceable artwork is present on the WC’s exterior walls, there’s no decor to speak of inside the can.  Decor = 3

These were no where near the dirtiest toilets we’ve seen, but neither were they the cleanest. In one of the two stalls, mounted onto the wall, resides a self-service toilet cleaning spray. This provides the adventurous a chance to take their restroom experience into their own hands (and make less work for the gas station and The Local Joint). We noticed water damage in the corner of the ceiling, but we reckon that’s more of a building maintenance issue.  Cleanliness = 4

The Local Joint specializes in delicious, southern, non-pretentious food. Likewise, there is no pretension in their bathroom. Aside from the self-cleaning option and a funky changing table, there is nothing but the basics, which, in the case of a local joint is good enough.  Amenities = 5

Total = 12

Public Toilet Exterior The Local Joint Fairview NC

Exterior of men’s washroom at The Local Joint.



Soap Dispenser Public Toilet Fairview NC

Soap dispenser at The Local Joint


Baby Changing Table Public Toilet Fairview NC

Funky changing table at The Local Joint