Public restrooms Regeneration Station Mural Asheville

The public restrooms at The Regeneration Station.

The hand-painted sign on the outside of the lavatories is not only fun but functional — helping patrons at The Regeneration Station find these unique public facilities which are located in the far back corner of the giant building. Once inside the men’s room, we found a workman constructing something. We’re pretty sure that whatever he was building in there wasn’t going to add to the overall decor of the room. It was a little difficult to concentrate on the job at hand with the worker hammering away on something or other. And there was no other decor present to detract our attention from the pounding.  Decor = 5

For a place that sells junk, the washrooms really weren’t too junky, but they weren’t exactly squeaky clean either.  Cleanliness = 4

Unless having a handyman present while you micturate is considered an amenity, there weren’t any.  Amenities = 2

TOTAL = 11

Urinal Sign Flush Asheville Public Toilet

Urinal sign inside The Regeneration Station’s men’s restroom.


Public Toilet Sink Asheville

Sink inside the men’s room at The Regeneration Station.