Trader Joe's Public Toilet Asheville

A unisex stall at TJ’s in Asheville.

The comfort stations at Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) are just about exactly what you’d expect from a store that likes to dress its employees in Hawaiian shirts. Despite being a large chain, TJ’s has the class to incorporate local touches like artwork featuring Asheville landmarks and fresh flowers. You can also read up on the history of TJ’s while you sit on the commode. Speaking of history, the Chuck behind Two Buck Chuck is a real guy named Charles Shaw. According to, Shaw, a Stanford Business School graduate, bought a Napa winery with his wife, Lucy, in 1974 and began to produce Charles Shaw Beaujolais. However, after the Shaws divorced in 1991, they sold the winery. Decor = 8

We like to get to TJ’s early in the day to avoid the craziness of the crowded parking lot, but we still had to queue up to get into the john. Nevertheless, we had no complaints about the cleanliness level.  Cleanliness = 6

TJ’s provides toilet seat covers for those of you squeamish about sharing a toilet seat with every tuchus in Asheville. The toilet has a dual-function water saving handle. It’s up to you to decide if your business is going to require the function “DOWN for #2 (solid waste).” As for hand dryers, we certainly prefer the powerful Xcelerator to most others. Also helpful, TJ’s has provided an In Use/Vacant notice above the door handles. There is also a bench outside the restrooms, so you’ll have a place to park if you find yourself stymied by the “In Use” notice.  Amenities = 7

Total = 21

Artwork Interior Trader Joe's Asheville

Art inside the restrooms at Trader Joe’s Asheville.


Wall Signs Public Toilet Asheville Trader Joe's

Signs inside Trader Joe’s Asheville Public Facilities.


Asheville Public Toilet Trader Joe's Mirror

The bathroom mirror inside the restroom at Trader Joe’s.


Trader Joe's Water Saving Handle Urinal Asheville

Water saving mechanism inside washroom at Trader Joe’s.