The unisex washroom at Yolo.

The unisex washroom at Yolo.

One gets the sense inside this washroom that the walls are going to turn to green slime and melt like frozen yogurt on a hot griddle. Aside from the sour-apple paint job, there’s very little decor to speak of. There is an interesting light fixture above the sink, but calling that decor is a stretch. If they locked someone up in this lime-green Jello jail of a john, we fear they’d go insane before lunch.  Decor = 2

Thoughts turn to cleanliness when you are in such a contemplative room as this one. We must confess that the level of cleanliness exceeds most bathrooms we come in contact with. Yet, a little debris would have broken up the monotony of this bland bathroom. It’s sad when you’re actually rooting for the appearance of a butt gnome floating in the commode. Cleanliness = 6

We like the “soft pull” toilet paper dispenser. We wish more places would use this type of dispenser. It’s nice knowing that someone’s fecal-speckled hands hadn’t groped the roll right before you reach for a few squares. There’s also a nice full-size oval mirror, which is a nice upgrade from the standard square types we see everywhere around town. Amenities = 3

TOTAL = 11

Frozen Yogurt Asheville Public Toilet

The throne in Yolo Asheville’s Unisex Washroom