Plant and poster in Asheville's Fifth Season restroom

Inside the uni-sex lavatory at Fifth Season.

Tucked in a back corner of this quintessential Asheville gardening store is a small uni-sex bathroom boasting the exact sort of decor you would expect from this green-centric purveyor of hydroponics, home-brewing supplies, and organic gardening materials. A large plant being stimulated by a growth light is the main feature, but there are also some posters on the walls, including an educational poster by the toilet. If you’ve been hoping to improve your organic gardening game, Fifth Season is here to help you out–even in the john! We’d been slamming tea for a while before visiting the store, so we would have been happy to find any toilet, but we were particularly pleased to find this one.  Decor = 7

We didn’t expect pristine cleanliness from a bathroom in a store specializing in dirt, but the lavatory at Fifth Season was perfectly respectable.  Cleanliness = 5

Well, luxury lavatory this sure isn’t, but we wouldn’t want that from the good folks at Fifth Season. As it is, they’ve provided us with a fine locale to open our flood gates. We found the aroma from the presence of large greenery to be subtle but pleasant, and the hand soap was all natural, of course. No harsh chemicals here.  Amenities = 5

Total = 17

sink, mirror, and poster in Asheville restroom

Education about gardening abounds at Fifth Season.

poster in Asheville bathroom

You can relax on the toilet at Fifth Season.