Panorama of Target's public restroom in Asheville

The women’s room at Asheville Target store on Tunnel Rd.

We were secretly hoping that Target’s toilets would have bullseyes on them, if only to improve our aim. Sadly, that wasn’t what we found. Instead, the room is awash in white. True, there’s some stainless steel and a few punctuations of red, but not much else going on. We hardly call this decor.  Decor = 3

We expect the restrooms of a large corporate retail chain to be clean and streamlined, but this one was in need of renovation. On the bright side, there’s a sheet affixed to the door that informs you of the last time the room was checked and stocked. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could use this info to time your visit. Sadly, however, on the afternoon we visited, the room appears not to have been checked for cleanliness even once. But without a regular check and the hoped for bull’s eyes, we still found it an acceptable locale for target practice (pun intended).  Cleanliness = 5

The amenities in this lavatory were a wee bit sad. The paper towel dispensers were the sort you have to hand crank (practically medieval), and the personal hygiene dispenser was empty and useless. (If you have a sudden feminine emergency, you’ll have to buy a full box in the store and hurry back–hopefully accident and embarrassment free.)  Amenities = 3

Total = 11

Poster of Target's restroom cleaning schedule in Asheville

Cleaning schedule at Target.