Asheville Kitchen Company Public Toilet

Kitchen & Company public restrooms in Asheville.

You’d have to look pretty far and wide to beat the drudgery that is Kitchen & Company’s public restroom. It’s a good thing for them that they sell kitchen items and not bath goods, because this restroom isn’t an endorsement of their taste in bathroom equipment. Did we mention how dull it was? Okay, you get the picture.  Decor = 2

Even the level of cleanliness was mundane. It was clean, yes. But not in a way that made you want to take off all your clothing and roll around inside the stall (not that we do that sort of thing).  Cleanliness = 5

This minimally equipped water closet had the bare necessities, plus a changing table. They did think to add a helpful sign (stuck to the inside of the bathroom door) reminding patrons not to steal anything, at least that was our take on it.  Amenities = 5

TOTAL = 12

felony sign public toilet

Don’t even think about committing a felony at Kitchen & Company.