Duck Artwork Over Easy Asheville Public Toilet

A duck and an egg. . .at Over Easy.

This small fixture in downtown Asheville’s breakfast scene is the sort of fun and funky restroom we love. In fact, we were almost overwhelmed with all there was to look at. Several paintings adorned the walls, and filling in the gaps were a variety of stickers, most likely put there by patrons. The restroom also has a patterned screen hiding, we imagine, sundry items such as cleaning supplies. A small shelving unit made certain that patrons don’t get caught without a square. We probably spent more time than we should have in there admiring it all.  Decor = 8

The small restaurant has only the one toilet, so we were impressed at how clean we found it. It probably helps that the management has left a sign requesting that any messy customers please wipe up after themselves.  Cleanliness = 6

Upon first entering the lavatory, it appeared to be without a hook, but as we moved toward the throne, we found two hooks opposite of the toilet. Tucked into the bottom of the mirror is another note from the team at Over Easy, which warns that the hot water gets very hot, very fast. We appreciate their looking out for our delicate hands.  Amenities = 5

Total = 19

fish-eye Over Easy restroom Asheville

Fish-eye view of the restroom at Over Easy.


Public Notice Asheville Toilet

We’ll be sure to wipe up after ourselves. Thanks, Over Easy.


paper towel dispenser stickers Asheville restroom

Sticker monster!