fish-eye view of Asheville public restroom

Fish-eye of a uni-sex stall at Rosettas.

It seems only appropriate that a restaurant called Rosetta’s has tile work on its walls that look like growing vines. Beyond the tile work, there are a lot of visuals in the uni-sex stall in this Asheville dining institution. We particularly enjoyed the well-tagged door. The mirror also featured a number of decorative flourishes courtesy of customers carrying sharp objects capable of scratching glass. Rosetta’s comfort station felt like a natural extension of the social-justice minded vegetarian restaurant.  Decor = 7

Well, we wouldn’t quite call this restroom dirty, but it certainly wasn’t sparkling. We used it. And, if you’re interested, the soap dispenser is filled with Dr. Bronner’s soap. Yes, we can recognize Dr. Bronner’s simply by smell alone. We are Ashevillians after all! It’s a socially minded soap for a socially minded restaurant.  Cleanliness = 5

If you’re planning on a little non-vegetarian gravy after your vegetarian gravy, be sure to make a pit stop first to pick up condoms and informative flyers provided by WNCAP. While you’re there, you can enjoy the chalkboard and chalk provided. On the evening we visited, we found a pun-soaked joke, of the sort we love to cringe at, written on the chalkboard.  Amenities = 7

Total = 19

Chalk board Asheville Public Restroom

Ha, ha! We love a pun.

paper towles condoms Asheville public restroom

Towel Dispenser and condom dispenser.

Inside public restroom in Asheville

The inside of the bathroom door at Rosetta’s: art and a hook!