Small water fountain outside the water closets at Soba Noodles

Small water fountain outside the water closets at Soba Noodles in Weaverville.

There’s nothing wrong with having a tiny one; water closets don’t need to be huge to get the job done. However, if you’re going to have a small johnny house, you better add some pizzazz to it. Sadly, Soba’s public restrooms are compact and charmless. We did, however, get a kick out of seeing the littlest sink we’ve encountered (located just outside of the bathroom doors) as public restroom reviewers. The mini sink is cutie pie, but it is uncomfortably close a fire extinguisher, a caution sign, and other janitorial items to be inviting. Frankly, the best thing about the men’s thunder box at Soba’s was the odd choice of artwork (a tall ship painting, which may well be a remnant left from the bank which occupied the building previously), which was hung with care above the sink.  Decor = 4

From the finger smudged switch plate, you don’t get a sense that things inside the the lavatory are going to be antiseptic. It’s a dim room, and that’s probably for the best, considering it isn’t the cleanest facility in town.  Cleanliness = 4

There weren’t any amenities worth mentioning.  Amenities = 1


Tall ship painting public toilet

Tall ship painting in Soba’s WC.


Dirty light switch plate

A finger-smudged light switch plate at Soba Noodles.