fish-eye view bathroom Asheville Dobra Tea

The unisex restroom at Dobra tea.

As you enter Dobra, a sign welcomes you (“…the humble customer”) to the tea house. Should we infer from their greeting that Dobra itself is not humble? At least that would explain the framed press releases we found in the tea house’s lavatory, which does a bang-up job highlighting the excellence of the establishment. Aside from the PR braggadocio, there was a large photo of a giggling woman hanging above the commode. We suspect this was intended as a sly joke–toying with the minds of men as they drain their little dragons in front of the snickering woman. Although we are hung like a draught horse, we humbly express our disapproval. We did however admire the restroom’s copper sink bowl and the fine green patina it has acquired from many, many hand-washings.  Decor = 6

Tea is a diuretic… meaning these loos see a lot of traffic, folks. After the contents of many a teapot had found its way to the lavatory, the restroom was only slightly worse for the wear.  Cleanliness = 5

The small size of the restroom is something whoever hung the giggling woman ought to find ironic. Quite simply, there’s not much room for a lot of bells and whistles inside this wee room. That said, since we would prefer not to put our coat or bag on the ground or on a wet countertop, we humbly request that Dobra install a hook on the door.  Amenities = 4

Total = 15

Copper patina inside sink Asheville Public Toilet

A peek into the copper sink at Dobra.