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Mysterious furniture in The Crow and Quill’s water closet.

The biggest mystery surrounding The Crow and Quill’s washroom is how you found yourself in it in the first place. To begin, you’ll have to be in The Crow and Quill, an establishment on Lexington Avenue in downtown Asheville which has no sign to speak of, aside from a very subtle notice above one of the doors (there are two), and whose windows are most often covered. Then, like so many drinking spots in town, you’ll need to be a member–fork over your $1–and enjoy a pricey but delightful concoction in the Victorian-Gothic atmosphere of the club. Finally, when your G & T, made with homemade tonic water (ooh, la, la!), is sitting heavy on the bladder, begin your search for the water closets, which, no surprise, are not labeled. In fact, there are two unisex rooms just past the piano, so don’t be afraid to try unmarked doors. The room itself (we went for the one straight ahead) is surprisingly bare compared to the heavy atmosphere of the rest of the place. Perhaps, it’s to give patrons a brief escape? We liked the furniture in the room, although we couldn’t say what purpose it served. An empty wine rack in a bar?! We wouldn’t be surprised if management had simply run out of space in the main room. A dried up nosegay hanging above the sink was exactly the right touch of macabre in the otherwise bare room.  Decor = 5

We visited on a Saturday evening, and although there was a crowd of drinkers, we neither had to wait for a toilet nor did we find it particularly dirty. We did notice, however, that there seemed to be an issue with customers’ paper towel aim. The receptacle was not full, yet used paper towels were scattered about it.  Cleanliness = 5

Well, if you have short arms, you may find the toilet paper holder a bit far for comfort. We did. While searching for other amenities (we found none), it dawned on us that perhaps the bar was named for the character Christopher Crowquill in the Charles Bone book series. As you likely won’t recall, Christopher Crowquill was Billy Raven’s rightful guardian after his parents had died.  Amenities = 3

Total = 13

Public restroom in Asheville

A delightful mirror at The Crow and Quill.


Decorative flourish in Asheville public restroom

A touch of the macabre.