public washroom in Asheville

The washroom at The Social Lounge in downtown Asheville.

The woman’s restroom at The Social Lounge (not to be confused with East Asheville’s The Social) is a minimal affair. The lavatory features black tile and exposed brick. Upon close inspection, however, the room reveals a few interesting finds. For instance, we found graffiti on the back of the light that illuminates the mirror above the sink. What it says, why someone tagged this spot, and, most perplexing of all, how they managed to write on the light are questions that may remain mysteries in perpetuity. If you go looking for this bit of Asheville folk art, it can most easily be viewed by its reflection in the black tile. (You’re welcome bathroom thrill-seekers.) Speaking of the tile, we found some graffiti etched into it. Long time readers know that mirror etchings are as common in Asheville as craft beers, but a tile etching is as rare as a West Asheville Republican.  Decor = 6

Clean. Check.  Cleanliness = 6

The Social Lounge provides informative flyers about events happening around town and a full length mirror. The Social wants you to be informed and look your best! We were also quite excited to encounter a hand dryer that we’d never seen before, but, despite its promising futuristic look, it was sadly no match for the tried-and-true Xlerator, a machine that we’ve come to love very much.  Amenities = 4

Total = 18

Graffiti found on lamp in Asheville restroom

Pretty? No. But we were impressed all the same with this graffiti placement.


Graffiti in Asheville public restroom

Tile: a new medium for etched graffiti. Get on it Asheville.