Masons Masonic Temple Asheville Urinals Public Restroom

The floor length urinals at Asheville’s Masonic Temple.

Is there anything more splendid than a floor length urinal? Oh, we could compose poetry about these porcelain beauties. So rare, so elegant, so damn easy to hit. In the basement, where the men’s room is inconveniently located, you’ll find these floor length urinals waiting for you. We assume they are original to 1913 when the building was erected. Other than the antiquated plumbing, it appears everything else in the bathroom is of a relatively new vintage. The decor is sparse, but, as they should be, the urinals serve as the focal point.  Decor = 5

Lest we forget, this room is over 100 years old. The whole building has a quarter-inch layer of dust on it. The bathrooms were remarkably clean given that we used them on a day a festival was being held in the Mason’s parking lot. The lodge was kind enough to open their toilets to the public. Sure, there was a pile of paper towels flung about and some water splashed here and there, but this was a decently clean room under the circumstances.  Cleanliness = 5

There were two chairs set out near the urinals. We assume this was so 1) men could enjoy the view of the urinals in comfort; 2) men could sit and observe other men relieve themselves; or, 3) men could rest while they waited for either a urinal or a stall to free up for their use. The jury is out since no one was in the chairs when we visited the lavatory. There’s an interesting, heavily abused wash tub located just outside the door to the men’s convenience. We assume it is a useful appendage for janitorial duties and/or for members if they have something gruesome to rinse. Otherwise, besides for some sweating pipes along the exposed ceiling, which don’t do anyone much good, there were no notable amenities.  Amenities = 3

TOTAL = 18

Asheville Masonic Temple Public Restroom

The men’s room at the Asheville Masonic Temple.


Wash tub public toilet Asheville Masons.

Wash tub at Masonic Temple in Asheville.