The delightful mirror at Zia Taquria.

The delightful mirror in Zia Taquria‘s women’s room.

Although Zia’s women’s room boasts a commanding mirror, we must admit that the first thing we noticed about the lavatory was an odor (itself rather commanding). It was difficult to concentrate on much else, but there wasn’t much else to concentrate on. A small and oddly placed cactus painting, red walls, and white vinyl pebble walls about sum the room up. Nothing for nothing, here’s an interesting tidbit about The Zia, an indigenous tribe centered at Zia Pueblo. The Zia are known for their pottery and use of the Sun symbol. We suspect they’d be upset at how badly their namesake restaurant’s woman’s restroom smells.  Decor = 5

When a restroom is as odoriferous as Zia’s was the day we visited, we just feel it is dirty regardless of any other evidence. Visually, however, it wasn’t bad, although we were looking through watery eyes.  Cleanliness = 3

Above the door as you enter the women’s room is a sign informing that a baby changing facility is available; however, we could not find one in the washroom. Finally, our curiosity about the missing baby station getting to us, we opened a door which had assumed would be a) locked and, b) a storage closet. Well, assumption b was correct, but it was also, lo and behold, the baby changing station. We’re sure you and your baby will enjoy the fluorescent lit closet; you can even close the door for extra privacy.  Amenities = 4

Total = 12

Asheville public restroom

Great, but where?


baby changing facilities in Asheville public restroom

Glad, we chose door number 1!