Public restroom in Asheville, NC

Well, at least Mast General Store has a restroom.

Mast General’s downtown location is a vast two-story affair filled with a large assortment of outdoor gear, casual clothing, candy, and condiments, and many other sundry items. So, if you happen to find yourself in one of two restrooms located in the back of the main floor, you may be surprised at how bare it is. These rooms are just about the essentials, which is how we like our hiking gear to be, too. No flashy colors or art to be found here; you’ll probably need a respite from the overwhelming store anyhow. If you find yourself having to wait for the use of one of these toilets, there is quite a bit of community information (e.g., poster, pictures, etc.) to be found in the vestibule.  Decor = 2

Well, we find there’s something unsettling about the institutional glow, but the sad feeling in the pit of our stomachs doesn’t make the room unclean.  Cleanliness = 6

There is a hook on the wall, and that’s quite a lot, considering how bland these rooms are.  Amenities = 2

Total = 9

trashcan in Asheville public washroom

Oh, look. They have a trashcan, too.


Asheville public restroom

What’s beyond the lock? Frankly, we don’t really care.