Found in Asheville public washroom

It’s not trash at Plant. It’s compost.

The small unisex washroom at the delicious, vegan restaurant Plant, is, if we’re forced to choose a theme, shabby-chic. The mirror is decidedly worn, which we assume is intentional. Surely the people at Plant could afford new mirror if they wanted one. For wall decor, there is a painting of a squash? A tomato? A tomato squash?  Decor = 6

Keep in mind the Shabby-chic theme.  Cleanliness = 6

There is nothing about eating vegan that inherently suggests “composting,” but, we reckon if you’re that conscious about your diet, you are probably conscious about other things, too. So, we really were not surprised, although we rather pleased, to see a compost bin in Plant’s unisex washroom.  Amenities = 4

Total = 16

found in Asheville public washroom

We’re glad to hear it.


Asheville public restroom

A plant at plant.