Asheville public toilet wall patch

Wall patched in Weinhaus public restroom.

If wall patches were considered decor, the men’s restroom at the Weinhaus would be this month’s Golden Plunger winner. Sadly, patches are eyesores that have no business being on any wall unless they are about to be hit with a paintbrush. It’s too bad, too, since, it appears from the tile job that these washrooms once had some dignity. Maybe when someone gets around to painting over the patches, this bathroom will once again shine. Until then, it is like an open bottle of Red left in the sun for a few days. Decor = 2

Normally, we see white doors with streaks of dirt around the handle. In the Weinhaus’ case, they have a black door with chipped paint showing white underneath. We’re not sure which is worse. Besides the grim looking door, the rest of the room was basically clean.  Cleanliness = 4

There is an end table in the room, its glass top askew. We suppose the end table is there for people to place items on it while they do their business in this ragtag House of Ease.  Amenities = 3


Asheville public restroom under repair

Patched walls inside Weinhaus restroom.


Weinhaus bathroom door paint chipped

Paint chipped door at Weinhaus Asheville