Close up of mirror in Asheville public restroom

Gettin’ close-up at High Five Coffee.

We’re fans of the logo at High Five Coffee; caffeine makes us see stars and want to give high fives, too. So we were disappointed not to see more of their sweet logo in the restroom. Sadly, their stellar logo doesn’t make an appearance in their john. We know High Five prides themselves on their coffee, but must their bean fixation be to the detriment of their bathroom decor? May we humbly suggest some stencil artwork (fleur-de-lis are a popular bathroom motif), or even better, a coffee cup wallpaper (a la Mamacita’s tacos)? That said, we did enjoy the mirror and its etched in graffiti.  Decor = 4

We like our caffeine early in the morning, so we doubt the toilet had seen much use at the early hour we visited. So, no complaints in the cleanliness department.  Cleanliness = 6

If we did have a problem with cleanliness, we could grab some of the cleaning supplies that High Five has conveniently left inside their lavatory, along with extra paper towels and toilet paper. Er, that is, if we could reach that high, which we could not. There’s also a baby changing station and high chair stashed away in the restroom.  Amenities = 5

Total = 15

Mirror graffiti in Asheville public washroom

The view from the other side.

Asheville public washroom

A high chair so your toddler can witness your glorious moment on the throne.