Storm Asheville Public Toilet Spotlight

A spotlight shining on the throne at Storm.

If you’re looking for a polished room to do some serious business, you could do worse than Storm’s restroom. The men’s throne room is royally appointed. You’ll feel like a star under the spotlight whilst seated upon the throne. After, you can wash up in the strangest, impractical sink we’ve come across on our journey through the land of Asheville public toilets. Still, it adds to the overall feeling that your in a very special lavatory. The color scheme, fixtures, and tile work all combine to make this an exceptional restroom.  Decor = 8

Other than the water damaged (and mold forming?) on the wall near the sink, the water closet at Storm was clean and well attended. That crazy sink doesn’t make sense. Without it, the room is spotless and tidy. Certainly, some interior designer no doubt thought this sink’s unusual design was the coolest thing ever, but the designer didn’t take into consideration the impracticality of the contraption’s design.  Cleanliness = 6

It’s not as though we need for rum to flow free from the faucets (although, if it were ever going to happen, it’d be in this sink) in order to make us happy. However, it is nice to encounter little touches that make a loo more homey or more interesting or more fun. But, for whatever reason, Storm didn’t think it necessary to add such touches to their men’s house of ease, which is too bad, really, because this restroom certainly has the decor and cleanliness to be a contender for April’s Golden Plunger. It’s only in the amenities department does their score suffer.  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 18


Impractical sink Storm Asheville public toilet

The highly unusual and impractical sink at Storm.