Port-o-Potties in Asheville

Well, it’s better than nothing. Maybe. At Highland Brewing.

With the weather turning warmer, Highland Brewery draws quite a crowd to their “Meadow.” In Asheville, beer drinking is all about family time, and nothing says family time like a giant field for kids to run around while their parents quaff beer and enjoy live music. We found ourselves among quite a large crowd on a recent Friday evening at Highland. The brewery offers so many different beers that we found it too difficult to choose just one, a quandary which soon gave us an urgent need of a toilet. We are wary  of the port-o-potties–all of which were occupied anyhow–because, honestly, they frighten us. We decided to walk the extra distance and try our luck inside. We certainly recommend you do the same. Not only did we not have to queue up for the loo,* we also didn’t have to pee in a port-o-potty. (They always smell bad.) Sure, the bathrooms inside aren’t super impressive, but at least they are inside.  Decor = 4

Well, we can’t speak to the cleanliness of the port-0-potties. What about hand-washing? With all the food trucks around, we’d feel much more reassured if Highland would add a communal outdoor sink to the port-o-potties port of call. As for the toilets inside, they were fine; probably because everyone was using the johns outside.  Cleanliness = 4

Well, besides probably being some sort of legality, we suppose it is something of an amenity that Highland has provided extra toilets at all.  Amenities = 3

Total = 11

*Bonus tip: Going inside is also a great way to grab your beer as the queue is significantly shorter. Just make sure you ask for your beer in a plastic cup, so you can take it back to the meadow with you, moms and dads.

Asheville brewery restroom

Fish-eye view of the women’s room.


Extra tp is always good to have on hand when beer is flowing.

Extra tp is always good to have on hand when beer is flowing.