Asheville Mall public toilet

Unhappy with a purchase at the Asheville Mall?

On a recent early morning visit to the Asheville Mall, we found ourselves in need of a trip to the restroom. So, we popped into the toilets by the food court. In our chosen stall, we found a winter jacket a customer had left behind. We are aware that spring has made the need for winter jackets moot, but, surely, an unwanted jacket could have at least gone to Goodwill. We also found tiny circular “M” stickers pulled off recently bought clothing stuck to the stall wall. It’s not quite graffiti, but we’ll take it. Decor = 5

We would hardly choose to be in a stall at the mall during peak hours. First thing in the morning, however, there was still evidence of the room’s recent scrub down, including soap bubbles lingering in the toilet bowl.  Cleanliness = 8

The mall is the place to go if you feel the sudden urge to spend money, and, if you have other sudden urges while you are there… well, the mall people won’t let that stop you from spending money. Down the corridor leading to the restrooms, you’ll find tchotchke machines in which to deposit your coins. Once inside the women’s room, there is a Protocol vending machine, which provides you with the opportunity to spend money on feminine products and lip balm.  Amenities = 6

Total = 19

Because you never know what sort of urges you might get in the mall.

Because you never know what sort of urges you might get in the mall.