Office Depot public restroom in Asheville

The Office Depot on Hendersonville Road.

On a recent visit to the South Asheville Office Depot location, the entire store had the eerie feeling of an abandoned ghost town, which extended into our visit to the women’s room. The restroom was filled with the remains of what once was: a now empty tampon dispenser, seat cover dispensers which we doubt anyone has bothered to fill for quite some time, an empty trash can, and a cleaning chart which which hasn’t been written on. Decor =2

We can’t say we blame the staff for not bothering to clean as the unmarked chart would indicate; there doesn’t appear to be anyone to clean after. The room felt virtually untouched.  Cleanliness = 6

This room once had amenities such as toilet seat covers and emergency feminine products, but all that’s left now is a sad little air freshener (er, we think that’s what it is) forgotten in a corner on the floor. We were grateful to find toilet paper and paper towels.  Amenities = 2

Total = 10

Asheville Office Depot public restroom

Shadows of its former glory, but alas, the seat covers are no more.

Asheville Public Restroom: Office Depot

Perhaps it will once again know the joy of usefulness.