TCBY Asheville Public Toilet

Inside the plain restroom at TCBY in Westgate.

We’d rather review a vomit-splattered restroom than a boring one. Sorry, dear readers, we’ll try to make this post more interesting than the TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt) bathroom in the Westgate Shopping Center. So, let’s start by avoiding all talk of the lackluster decor inside this pedestrian potty. It’s more interesting to note that prior to 1984 TCBY stood for This Can’t Be Yogurt. They were sued by some sap who owned a store called I Can’t Believe It Is Yogurt. Froyo is a tough racket, folks. Decor = 1

Except for an overflowing waste can, the room was acceptably clean. Since this is such a nothing post, we might as well spoil it further by suggesting that if you should perchance click on one of our Amazon affiliate links like this one, that you book mark that as your new Amazon homepage. That way, when you buy something—at absolutely zero extra cost to you—this blog receives a small commission. That would be very nice of you.  Cleanliness = 5

The basic are all provided. It seems a little grudgingly, however, based on the one extra roll of toilet paper unceremoniously placed on top of the commode.  Amenities = 3


Asheville Public Toilet TCBY

Inside the boring restroom at TCBY in Westgate