Asheville Brewery Restroom

Let the river flow at Catawba Brewery on the Asheville’s south slope.

Catawba Brewery’s third, and newest, tasting room is part of the bloc of breweries on Asheville’s south slope. The bar is essentially a gutted warehouse, and it feels like it in the restrooms. The concrete floor and walls are an extension of the rest of the brewery. We enjoyed the teal-colored stall doors and vanity. It’s a simple set-up, but we respect simplicity in a room as the delta for the river of Catawba beer that flows through the brewery.  Decor = 4

Concrete floors in restrooms tend to remind us of stadium toilets that reek with the stench of urine. Fortunately, Catawba’s restrooms as yet do not smell of urine. We don’t recommend putting your bag on the floor, but you should be fine otherwise.  Cleanliness = 5

Ain’t no amenities here. This is a spot for drinking beer. The piss that results is an afterthought. Although the clearly visible toilet brush and plunger may be telling.  Amenities = 3

Total = 12

Asheville brewery public restroom

The amenities, such as they are.