Twin Leaf Public Restroom Taxi Sign

Twin Leaf Brewery helps restroom patrons make the right call with taxi service listing.

It may not have been intended as decor, per se, but the taxi service listing sign on the men’s restroom door at Twin Leaf Brewing is the best thing going in this otherwise flat crapper.  Decor = 4

Yikes! People use a lot of paper towels during a busy weekend afternoon of beer drinking. Twin Leaf must be somewhat attuned to this phenomenon since they have a sign on the towel dispenser that implores patrons to alert them when the loo needs a look-see.  The sign is widely ignored, apparently.  Cleanliness = 4

If the taxi sign saves you from a DUI, than it might just be the most valuable amenity you can find in an Asheville restroom. Twin Leaf certainly didn’t give much thought to other amenities. They know who butters their liquid bread.  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 12

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Twin Leaf Brewery Bathroom Sign Asheville

Twin Leaf hopes restroom patrons will alert them to bathroom crises.