artwork found in Asheville brewery toilet

When on the South Slope, be sure to check out the psychedelic art gallery in the restroom at The Funkatorium.

The Funkatorium is Wicked Weed’s outpost for beer barrel storage and is a tasting room in its own right. To get to the restrooms, you walk through the barrelhouse. It’s a pretty impressive stroll to the restrooms. Along the way, you’ll see wooden barrels the previously held fermented drinks such as bourbon. According to Wicked Weed’s website, the ales housed here pull inspiration from the Belgium Lambic style.  Once inside the women’s room, we discovered a wall of artwork designed to highlight some of the Funkatorium’s beers. We found both the names of the beers and the artwork itself to be reminiscent of a hallucinogenic experience. Alcohol is a drug, we reminded ourselves, and, besides, we were in the land of the Belgium Lambic. We had mixed feelings about the artwork; that is to say, we’re not sure we’d want to see it in our own water closet, but we sure enjoyed seeing it on display in Funkatorium’s comfort station.  Decor = 7

We don’t think Wicked Weed’s sophisticated sours and barrel-aged beers are the sort of beverage one consumes to excess which then forces one a disastrous restroom visits. To our eye, no one had done so on the evening we visited the tidy restroom tucked away in Wicked’s barrelhouse. Cleanliness = 6

Aside from the artwork, there’s nothing special here; however, you’ll find everything you need to get the job done.  Amenities = 5

Total = 18

artwork found in Asheville brewery restroom


artwork found in Asheville brewery restroom

And it’s aftermath.