Jimmy John's Asheville Public Toilet

Jimmy John’s john

Walking downtown one warm evening, after consuming an inordinate amount of water (wink), we stumbled into Jimmy John’s in search of relief. We asked the counter person if we could use the bathroom, and, without blinking, they said, “sure.” It’s niceties like that which enable us to overlook the fact that decor-wise there’s not much going on in Jimmy John’s restroom. Although, the tile job is decent. We also liked the caged lamps. Anyway, their kindness turned a decor = 4 score into a… wait for it… Decor = 5

No matter how courteous the staff, we won’t cut a joint any slack for a filthy, festering, crazy-as-a-shit-house-rat restroom. Luckily, Jimmy John’s little johnny house doesn’t fit that description. It was clean. Cleanliness = 6

Boy, this is a tough one. All the basics were there. Grading on the chain-store fast-food curve, we have to say this is on par with what any sub-eating sonofabitch would expect to find.  Amenities = 4

TOTAL = 15


Asheville Jimmy John's lighting

Caged lamps at Jimmy Johns.