Tilework found in Asheville restaurant public restroom

Lovely and Leafy tiles at Green Tea Sushi.

On a recent trip to Green Tea Sushi to satisfy a sushi craving, we made a side stop into the small, but pleasant women’s room. We were first struck by the tile border of gold and, naturally, green leaves. The tile work is elegant and tasteful. Slightly less elegant, but certainly amusing is the clear sink, which would appear to have two fish swimming it it. With the leaves on the walls and the fish in the sink, this restroom is the embodiment of the establishment’s name.  Decor = 7

We found the drain in the sink to be a just a tad slow. This meant that the fish painted onto the clear bowl sometimes appeared to be swimming in soap bubbles, an affect we rather liked. Plus, it means you know people (i.e., restaurant staff) have been using the soap.  Cleanliness = 7

Well, there’s not a lot in the way of extras, but on our casual sushi lunch, we were quite pleased to find a simple, tasteful, and clean restroom.  Amenities = 6

Total = 20

Things are getting a bit fishy.

Things are getting a bit fishy.