Burial Beer Public Restroom Asheville

The public restrooms at Burial Beer on the South Slope in Asheville.

Think plywood. That’s the overwhelmingly impression we had of the restrooms at Burial Beer. The interior decor is dominated by plywood from stall doors to dividers. It’s not attractive. It’s not hip. It’s just cheap looking. The entrance is weathered and interesting, which saves the day in terms of decorative appeal.  Decor = 4

Things inside the men’s room on the day we visited were a little sloppy. Someone had recently upchucked in the men’s stall, which wasn’t pretty. Thankfully, the vomit had sat long enough so that there was no longer an accompanying retching smell. Otherwise, there wasn’t anything particularly alarming about the level of filth. It’s a brewery, after all, not a ballroom at the Grove Park Inn.  Cleanliness = 4

It’s a bit of a laugh to talk about amenities inside Burial’s restrooms. This water hole is a bare bones proposition and the restroom is simply dry bones.  Amenities = 2

TOTAL = 10


Plywood stall doors public restroom Asheville

Plywood stall doors at Burial Beer.