Asheville Brewery public restroom

Entering the loo at Green Man Brewing.

On a busy Saturday evening on the south slope, Green Man was bursting to the seems with people. We admit that it took us awhile to make our way through the crowd to the toilet. The single toilet, which meant waiting for our turn in the restroom. It was worth the wait and not just because the beer goes straight to our bladder. We were pretty excited to use a room labeled as the “Loo,” and inside, well, let’s just say Green Man is one of Asheville’s older breweries, and they’ve had time to collect a lot of fantastic decor.  It’s impossible to cover it all here, but some highlights include a sign above the throne actually calling it the throne, NASCAR memorabilia, Samuel Adam’s (the brewery) Bill of Rights, and some country-chic schtick thrown in the mix for good measure. One of our favorite restrooms to date.  Decor = 10

Keep in mind that there is only one toilet at Green Man, and on the evening we visited, the queue waiting to use it was a constant. That said, the room was pretty darn clean.  Cleanliness = 6

We are aware that Green Man is in the process of a major building project, which will, we presume, many more available loos in the future. Probably the massive onslaught of people created by “the south slope” has taken Green Man as much by surprise as it has us. We’re pretty sure Dirty Jacks never used to be so crowded. Nevertheless, waiting for the loo takes them down a notch in the amenities category.  Amenities = 4

Total = 20

Public restroom in Asheville Green Man Brewery

A peak into the kaleidoscope of Green Man’s restroom


Public Restroom in Asheville's Green Man Brewery

To the point. We like it.